Local Business Recommendations

Are you looking for a local contractor of some sort but don't know who to trust?  Here is a list of local businesses that we have used ourselves and would proudly recommend to others, along with our review of them.

Clean. Window Washing

Reviewed: June 1, 2018

Owner: Otto Gunderson, 515-988-2991, gundersonwindowwashing@gmail.com

When I turned 18 and graduated high school I had a part-time job making minimum wage and that was good enough for me at the time.  Not so for Otto Gunderson. Otto, who graduated from Roosevelt High School this May, has always been ambitious and started working as soon as he was legally able at age 14.  His first job was shrink-wrapping ice cream sandwiches. “It may sound like fun working with ice cream sandwiches,” he says, “but it really wasn’t.”

He decided he wanted a job that allowed him to do more of the things he enjoyed, and while he wouldn’t describe washing windows as fun, he said it allowed him to be outside, make his own schedule, and spend time with his friends in the summer. He came up with the idea because washing the windows was always one of his chores at home growing up.  “I figured I don’t particularly enjoy washing windows, but neither does anyone else,” he shrugs. He’s right. He opened for business the summer after his freshman year of high school and the first summer he said he usually had one job per week which took roughly seven to eight hours per job. He was working by himself and his prices are set by the job, not by the hour.  Now, on his fourth summer, he says he has two of his friends as employees and they average 10 jobs per week and it takes them about two to three hours per job.

“We differentiate ourselves from the other window washing companies out there because we’re smaller and are able to spend more time and detail on each client.  I used to shadow Larry’s, which is the largest window cleaning company in town, and they were always so booked that they’d have to reschedule or come back a second time to finish a job.  We spend as much time as it takes to get the job done. Plus, we’re using the money to pay our way through college,” Otto explains.

What will happen to Clean. Window Washing now that Otto and his friends are embarking to college?  Otto is headed to the University of Virginia - Charlottesville to study Entrepreneurship and Languages, probably Spanish and Arabic.  He said that the company will continue, since they only operate in the summers, and even if he doesn’t return each summer his employees are staying in the area and are competent and able to run the business without him.

Otto was washing the large picture window at the front of my house while I interviewed him, and I must say, he did a fantastic job.  Before he started it was grimey and had dirt and pollen caking the window, with dried little rivulets from where my husband had attempted to powerwash some of the filth away.  There was a clear outline of the suction cups from my hummingbird feeder still visible from last fall. Now the window sparkles. Otto may be young, but he knows his business.

Looking to get your windows cleaned up for summer?  Clean. Window Washing is currently scheduling new clients, both commercial or residential, and they will travel all over the greater Des Moines Metro area.  Quotes are always free and always worked around your schedule. Call, text or email Otto at 515-988-2991 or gundersonwindowwashing@gmail.com.